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FRAKO - Power Quality

FRAKO's PQ product range covers diverse mains monitoring systems, network analysers and active harmonic filters.

The power quality of the electrical supply networks plays an increasingly important role for the operational safety of electrical installations and equipment. Therefore it becomes more and more important to take appropriate measures to monitor the power quality.

Complex manufacturing processes and growing levels of automation are making increasing demands on load ratios in electrical networks.

For all electrical installations, machinery and other consumers to operate safely and reliably, they must have a safe and dependable supply of electrical energy. This is where our instruments for measuring and analysing network power quality come in. For only if the electrical parameters are known accurately can a facility operate reliably and efficiently. 

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EM-PQ 2300 and EM-FD 2500



EM-PQ 2300 Power Quality Monitoring Instrument for the acquisition, monitoring and analysis of electrical data in networks up to 690 V (phase/phase optional with article No. 20-30243), with 5 current transformer inputs and 4 voltage inputs, incl. residual current measurement and PE-monitoring.

Permanent and simultaneous monitoring of up to 250 measurement points. The instrument offers more than 600 measurement points to be selected from. Its power failure detection function enables a supply failure of up to one second to be buffered, so that those short dips of particular interest can also be recorded by the EM-PQ 2300 even if the instrument’s own power supply is disrupted by this event. 

Integrated firewall-friendly web interface. The monitoring function enables an entire building, for example, to be continuously checked for the presence of earth fault currents automatically. This means that incipient insulation faults can be detected at a very early stage and reported to the office responsible for electrical safety.

In many companies, manufacturing automation and IT are still two different worlds. The EM-PQ 2300 solves this problem with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), an integrated communications interface that enables measurement data from the automation area to be automatically transferred to the IT area.

Through Web interface it possible to connect EM-PQ 2300 to the Webserver. Via Webserver every user have direct access to EM-PQ 2300 at any PC. From Webserver the user can configurate EM-PQ 2300, display online the momentary measurement readings and gets event lists. 

The EM-FD 2500 display has been developed as a physically separate LCD display and operator panel to work with all FRAKO Energy Management devices of the new generation that require this, such as the EM-PQ 2300 and EM-MC 2200 instruments.

The EM-FD 2500 is connected to the EM instrument via 4 terminals: two wires for the instrument power supply and two for data transfer. A maximum of 8 instruments can be connected to a common display bus, with a bus length of up to 40 m to the display.

The EM-FD 2500 is mounted on the control cabinet door or wall through a Ø 22.5 mm hole, thus greatly simplifying installation. Its orientation is fixed by a screw through the wall into a threaded bush. Alternatively it can also be mounted in any available 144 x 144 mm cut-out. 

EM-PQ 2300 User manual (ENG)

EM-PQ 2300 3-phase connection

EM-PQ 2300 1-phase connection

Modbus Addresses for EM-PQ 2300 

EMA 1101

EMA 1101 Power Quality Measurement Device to detect, analyze and monitor electrical measurement variables in 400 V low voltage mains and medium voltage mains (100 V secondary).

EMA 1101 User manual (ENG)